Traffic arbitrage techniques, a well-known business model, is a place where you can buy traffic at a relatively low cost, and earn money by showing ads and generating profits in high CTR areas. During this process, you’ll increase your overall click through rate by buying traffic at a lower cost and monetizing your ad placement in key locations. The difference in profit is profit. There are many viral websites that do this for a long time and profit from it. Also,, a popular search engine, has been using this model for more than a decade to monetize paid search results. There are lots of native ad traffic arbitrage techniques and today’s success stories, and this article will discuss how to make money by creating a successful model of native advertising.

How Native Ad Discriminatory Transactions Work [19659005] Native ad difference billing works when you buy low-cost traffic on Facebook or a native ad network, and when you monetize your website by showing native ads and display ads. One of the basic principles of a successful Native Advertising campaign strategy is choosing the right niche market.

A Secret Source of Successful Native Ad Traffic arbitrage techniques Trading Strategy

The long-term traffic arbitrage techniques strategy works according to the basic principle of ‘creating an ecosystem’. Essentially, an ecosystem consists of advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. As a publisher, if you can help an advertiser make more money, they will essentially bid on traffic. Competition can become more intense as advertiser traffic arbitrage techniques is converted to advertisers. In conversions, content remains one of the essential elements of a strategy, so content strategies and niche should be confident enough to raise an advertiser’s bid.

Best theme for discriminative deals for native ads

If you can identify the right topic for your borrower model, you can increase your overall CTR and make money in the process. All arbitrage transactions are essentially click-through deals, and you need a high click through rate (CTR) to make good money. So choosing the right topic with support is essential for all traffic-borne ad models. The following prerequisites are required for themes to work well in traffic-first workarounds or click-through ad exchanges.

High click through rate (CTR) – Color and design are fairly secondary, which does not affect ad CTR, but it helps ensure that your ad is professional, clean, and categorized. These topics increase your click through rate by allowing you to focus on your ads.

Pagination – The most important thing to do if you are performing a traffic-based workaround or an AdSense exchange is to enable pagination. Your post. The theme must have a “Next” and “Previous” button, long image posts must be broken down into user-readable pages, and then click the Next button after reading the first page. This way, you can see more page views per user and more revenue with CPM-based ads.
Other features include quick setup, better customization, good load speed and complete professional look ready to import. We have suggested several recommendations using over 12 professional and premium themes for traffic arbitrage techniques:

Publisher traffic arbitrage wordpress theme- Themeforest’s Publisher theme is our first and favourite choice. It is a multipurpose theme and it will be the best theme currently on the market. With the exception of interactive demos, this theme has a slideshow feature and lots of pagination that are very handy. You can also use other blog themes to increase your overall CTR. I’ve seen good results to increase my AdSense CTR, and I use it on several blogs, including Essence The Breakup Cafe. Take a look at the publisher theme now.

Bimber- Bimber is another viral WordPress theme that is recommended if you are running a blog for cats/dogs, celebrities, inspiration, science facts, etc. This theme has a custom pagination option and is a multi-page long post. Bimber offers sticky sharing buttons for Facebook and Twitter to increase the likelihood of your content becoming viral on social media. If your entire traffic source is Facebook, this theme may be the right choice. Now, look at the Bimber theme.

Another traffic arbitrage techniques is Ad networks that generate revenue from traffic ad websites

Here’s a list of ad networks we strongly recommend to publishers who run a virus site or monetize publishers using the ad-based payment model. Website.

1) AdSense – Google’s AdSense is one of the best ad networks. , And a go-to ad network that can monetize your global traffic. CPC is the default ad network for financial transactions. However, to increase your overall ad revenue, try using both AdSense and Ad Exchange. I’m sure it will show results. AdSense displays and default tags should be placed where you expect maximum clickthrough rates to increase your AdSense revenue. AdSense-performing ad units include 300 × 250, 300 × 600, responsive link units, and responsive native ad units.

Minimum traffic requirements: NA NET 21 days Pay via Direct Advantage
2) Google Ad Exchange – One of the best ad exchange platforms offering high fill rates for worldwide traffic. We recommend placing the ad tag in a location that is relatively low relative to the AdSense sidebar (where you can place a 300×600 ad unit), that is, in the middle of the posting or just before the last paragraph of the article. Ad exchange bids are primarily based on advertiser-defined cookies and audience targeting. The higher the bid pressure, the higher the overall CPM value for impressions. Google Ad Exchange subaccounts can be approved by third-party ADX partners.

3)Minimum traffic requirements: 300,000 page views per month
NET [30659032] 3 It is especially well performed for US traffic for niche products related products. So, if your site has content targeted to a specific user, can be an add-on network that fits your total revenue. Contextual/native ad units can be used at the bottom of the article and analyzed for performance. You will not earn enough money to earn a good price or maintain an ad unit at However, we recommend adding to your ad stack. Minimum traffic requirements: 100,000 page views per month, depending on site.

Payment: Terms and Conditions: Use this link to register with and earn 10% additional earnings over the next 3 months. 19659011]
4) Spoutable- Spoutable is the default ad network for exits that helps publishers increase revenue through screen optimization. The basic idea is to monetize your exit traffic through ads, which can be a whole new source of revenue for virus producers. We have been using it for a long time and pay each time on time. If you have traffic in the U.S., you can expect CPM rates to be around the US $ 1. Note: This is additional revenue and is recommended for publishers using it. Minimum traffic requirements: 100,000 page views per month

Payment terms: NET within 45 days Paypal
5) Taboola– Taboola gives viewers a higher CPC. The network can pay 20 cents per click for US traffic. 2-3 Running the Taboola widget can increase overall ad revenue and is currently the best alternative to AdSense. In addition, Taboola is constantly expanding its team and making more marketing efforts based on more advertisers. Therefore, we recommend that you post your content and make the most of your presence and clicks in the sidebar. (We are trying to create a post for taboola tutorial arbitrage wordpress theme and update the link once the article is published.)

Minimum traffic requirements: 500K pageview per month
NET 45 Payoneer
6) Sulvo X– Sulvo uses advanced pricing optimization techniques to enable publishers to earn more for every impression delivered. In addition to the existing ad stack, we recommend using Sullaubo’s aggressive ad units, such as 320×100 for mobile and 728×90 / 300×250 for desktop, to increase overall ad revenue. Salvo’s effective flight rate is nearly 100% of US traffic. Although their net payments are within 60 days, they also pay quite a lot in time.

Minimum traffic requirements: 500,000 page views per month
Payment terms: NET 60 days payment (via Paypal)
There are many other ad networks. This site is useful for monetizing sites like Revcontent, Zergnet, Gemini, PubGalaxy, Setup, AdRecover, Disqus,, and Media venues.

Buying traffic for the primary and in the ad network for the default ad
It’s important to understand that buying traffic from untrusted sources can actually lead to this problem when you start CPM ad-growers, AdSense ad-growers, or traffic resale. The network sells fake clicks or traffic. My recommendation is essentially viral.

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