81,000 Facebook account hacked for sale the facebook private messages

Hackers seem to possess compromised and revealed facebook private messages from a minimum of 81,000 Facebook account hacked. The perpetrators told the BBC Russian Service that they’d details from a complete of a hundred and twenty million accounts, that they were trying to sell, though there area unit reasons to be skeptical that figure.

Facebook aforesaid its security had not been compromised. And the information had in all probability been obtained through malicious browser extensions.

Law enforcement:

Facebook another it had taken steps to stop additional accounts being affected. The BBC understands several of the users whose details are compromised area unit based mostly in country and Russia. However, some area unit from the united kingdom, US, Brazil et al…The hackers offered to sell access for ten cents (8p) per facebook account hacked.”We have conjointly contacted enforcement and have worked with native authorities to get rid of the website that displayed info from hacked facebook accounts.”

Intimate correspondence:

The breach 1st came to light-weight in September, once a post from a user nicknamed FBSaler appeared on associate degree English-language net forum.”We sell personal info of Facebook users. Our info includes a hundred and twenty million facebook account hacked,” the user wrote. The cyber-security company Digital Shadows examined the claim on behalf of the BBC and confirmed that over eighty-one,000 of the profiles denote online as a sample contained non-public Private messages. Data from an extra 176,000 accounts was conjointly created on the market, though a number of the data – together with email addresses and phone numbers – may are scraped from members United Nations agency had not hidden it.

The BBC Russian Service contacted 5 Russian Facebook users whose non-public (facebook private messages) messages had been uploaded and confirmed the posts were theirs. One example enclosed pictures of a recent vacation, another was a talk a couple of recent Depeche Mode concert, and a 3rd enclosed complaints a couple of in-laws. There was conjointly associate degree intimate correspondence between 2 lovers. One of the websites, wherever the info had been revealed, looked as if it would are created in St siege. Its information processing address has conjointly been flagged by the law-breaking huntsman service. It says the address had been wont to unfold the LokiBot Trojan, that permits attackers to realize access to user passwords.

Who ought to be blamed?

Personal looking assistants, bookmarking applications and even mini-puzzle games area unit all on provide from varied browsers like Chrome, Opera and Firefox as third-party extensions. The little icons sit aboard your address bar with patience looking forward to you to click on them. According to Facebook, it had been one such extension that quietly monitored victims’ activity on the platform and sent personal details and personal conversations that mean facebook private messages back to the hackers of that facebook account hacked.

Facebook has not named the extensions it believes were concerned however says the leak wasn’t its fault. Independent cyber-experts have told the BBC that if varlet extensions were so the cause, the browsers’ developers would possibly share some responsibility for failing to vet the programs, presumptuous they were distributed via their marketplaces. But the hack remains unhealthy news for Facebook. The embattled network has had a terrible year for information security and queries are asked concerning whether or not it’s proactive enough in responding to things like this that have an effect on giant numbers of individuals.


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The BBC Russian Service emailed the address listed aboard the hacked details, movement as an emptor inquisitive about shopping for 2 million accounts’ details. The advertiser was asked whether or not the broken accounts were an equivalent as those concerned in either the Cambridge Analytica scandal or the following security breach discovered in September. A reply in English came from somebody line of work themselves explorer. He aforesaid that {the information had nothing to try and do with either data leak. He claimed that his hacking cluster may provide information from a hundred and twenty million users, of whom 2.7 million were Russians. But Digital Shadows told the BBC that this claim was uncertain as a result of it had been unlikely Facebook would have uncomprehensible such an outsized breach. John Smith didn’t justify why he had not publicized his services additional wide.

And once asked whether or not the leaks were connected to the Russian state or to the Facebook private messages web analysis Agency – a gaggle of hackers connected to the Kremlin – he replied: “No.”

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